Wendland tariff price group 2

Provisions for the purchase of reduced fare tickets in price group 2 for the Wendland tariff


Entitled to purchase the reduced fare tickets in price group 2 are:

  • 1.) Children from 6 to 14 years,
  • 2) Pupils and students of public, state-approved or state-recognised private schools.
    • General education schools,
    • Vocational schools,
    • Second-chance institutions,
    • Academies and colleges with the exception of administrative academies, folk high schools and rural folk high schools,
  • 3) Persons attending public schools or other educational institutions not covered by the previous paragraph, provided that they are exempt from compulsory vocational schooling due to attending such schools or educational institutions or provided that attending such schools and other private educational institutions is eligible for support under the Federal Training Assistance Act,
  • 4) persons attending closed courses at adult education institutions for the subsequent acquisition of the lower secondary school-leaving certificate, the intermediate secondary school-leaving certificate or the higher education entrance qualification, provided that these are full-time measures,
  • 5) persons who are in a vocational training relationship within the meaning of the Vocational Training Act or in another contractual relationship within the meaning of section 19 of the Vocational Training Act, as well as persons who are being trained in an institution outside the scope of in-company vocational training within the meaning of section 40(3) of the Vocational Training Act, section 37(3) of the Crafts Code,
  • 6) Persons attending a state-recognised vocational preparation course,
  • 7) Participants in a voluntary social year or comparable social services.
  • 8) Participants in the Federal Volunteer Service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst, BFD) upon presentation of a certificate from the provider of the respective social services, valid for a maximum of one year.
  • 9) Holders of a Ehrenamtskarte
  • 10.) Persons who receive one of the following transfer benefits:
    • Asylum seeker benefits
    • Basic income support according to SGB XII
    • Citizen's income according to SGB II (former Hartz 4, notification from Job Centre)
    • Housing benefit
    • Child supplement (not child benefit)



Table 1: Required proof for the acquisition of
Price group 2 tickets per group of persons

Group of peopleRequired Proof
1)No proof required
2), 3), 4), 5), 6)Pupil or student ID card
7), 8)Volunteer card
9)Volunteer card


The prerequisite for the purchase of tickets in price group 2 is the presentation of a proof of belonging to the groups of persons listed in Table 1. Recipients of transfer payments receive a personal mobiCard valid for the current calendar year after one-time presentation of proof, which can then be used as an entitlement to purchase tickets in price group 2. The validity of the mobiCard ends automatically at the end of the year. Renewal for the next calendar year is possible if transfer payments continue.