Strike in bus transport on 29.11.2022 - School transport cannot be ensured

Press release on the strike

According to current planning, it is expected that 5 services cannot be operated tomorrow and will have to be cancelled in their entirety. All other services can take place if no further cancellations occur.
The trips operated by Irro and Orseschek on behalf of the LSE are taking place as scheduled.
The LSE asked surrounding transport companies (PVGS, RBB, KVG, VLP) from the neighbouring districts for help to ensure at least school transport. Unfortunately, they are unable to help out due to high sickness rates. An employee of the district administration is available to help out with school transport. A locksmith from the local transport company KD-Reisen may also be able to help out to support school transport in the district.
Employees from the LSE administration will be travelling with us tomorrow, as well as employees from the Irro workshop. Not all employees can be withdrawn, as safety-relevant appointments (SP, customer services, TÜV) must also be ensured. Other services were hired from Irro and Orseschek.
All schools in the district have also been informed by telephone about the exceptional situation on tomorrow's day, so that as many parents as possible can still organise alternatives to school transport by bus.
In addition, both subcontractors support with additional driving staff, 8-seaters and taxis. The drivers are not allowed to drive large standard buses, but they can help out with smaller vehicles, for example if pupils have to be brought to school urgently because of exams, are stuck because the regular bus did not arrive or have missed the change.
The LSE administration and control centre can be reached on 05841-977335 and 05841-977377 from 04:00 tomorrow morning.
As an increased telephone volume is to be expected, LSE asks for your patience. You are also welcome to send a callback request by e-mail to be sent. The LSE will get back to you immediately.
On the website you can see which journeys are likely to be cancelled tomorrow. Please open the published PDF file CANCELLED TRAINS ON 29.11.2022 at There may be deviations due to planning reasons. In addition, the LSE will reimburse travel costs for those affected by the cancellations.

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