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Strike at the LSE

Numerous bus journeys in the Lüchow-Dannenberg district will be cancelled on Friday as the Verdi trade union has called for a public transport strike. According to LSE, this will affect the regional bus route 7000 (Lüchow-Uelzen), route 8100 (Dannenberg-Dahlenburg) and the on-call bus service. Individual journeys on routes 8040 (Lüchow-Salzwedel), 8600 (Lüchow-Gartow) and 8700 (Dannenberg-Gartow) will also be cancelled.

Buses run by other transport companies (e.g. RBB, Irro, PVGS). The respective transport company is named on the timetables of the individual bus routes (PDF).

The following journeys of the Country line 7000 are served on Friday by RBB and other companies (*Irro):

Lüchow - Uelzen: 4:56* 6:56, 9:56, 13:56, 16:56, 17:56* 19:56, 22:02
Uelzen - Lüchow: 5:10, 6:10*, 8:05, 12:05, 15:21, 16:05* 18:05, 19:05* 21:05, 23:05


The following trips will be cancelled on Friday.

Line 8000 (Lüchow ZOB direction Hitzacker): Departure 11:15

Line 8040 (Lüchow ZOB - Salzwedel): Departure 7:28, 11:07 and 13:07
Line 8040 (Salzwedel ZOB - Lüchow): Departure 8:17 and 10:17

Line 8600 (Lüchow ZOB direction Gartow): Departure 8:10 and 11:10
Line 8600 (Gartow Wendlandtherme direction Lüchow ) Departure 9:15

Line 8700: Exit Gartow Kirche in the direction of Dannenberg

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