Carpool benches

The Carpool Benches

Support new mobility and ride along!

Many citizens drive longer or longer distances every day.
shorter distances alone in the car. This does not have to
be - open your car door for others or
Take the opportunity to make an uncomplicated visit to someone's house.
to ride along. The project "Ride With Benches"
makes it possible: it is aimed at all those who
on the one hand, for various reasons, on a
are dependent on carpooling and, on the other hand
to all those who can offer one. It
costs hardly any time and no money to find someone else
to take with you - and it protects the environment.
Discover the car as a place of encounters
and take advantage of the opportunity,
Get to know your fellow human beings better!

Sign up for the lists at the joint municipality.
Gartow or at the mobility agency
at the Lüchow bus station. The drivers
receive a badge for their car and the passengers
a button that identifies them as a partner.
of the project. This voluntary registration
is intended to provide all participants with an additional
Provide security.

If you are looking for a ride or
would like to offer a ride, simply get in touch with the Tourist Info Gartow
or write You us.

  • Lutz Haas, Gartow joint municipality Springstraße
    14, 29471 Gartow, Tel. 05846 – 8225
  • Tourist Information Gartow, Springstraße 14,
    29471 Gartow, Tel. 05846 - 333
  • Mobility Agency Wendland.Elbe, Amtshof 1,
    29439 Lüchow (Wendland), Tel. 05841 - 120 678