Loan pedelec campaign

Loan pedelec boxes in your place!

For some time now, the climate protection management has been lending out free of charge a E-bike and 3 pedelecs to citizens who would like to have climate-friendly alternatives to the car. In order to achieve the climate goals, a large part of car traffic must be shifted to public transport and cycling. With the rental bikes, the Wendlanders can try out in an uncomplicated way which routes in everyday life can also be covered well without a car.

New system for the rental

We are currently working on a solution in which the pedelecs can be placed in bicycle boxes with the help of a digital system and can be borrowed there independently by the citizens.

This is to be realised with the help of the existing car sharing app, and the pedelecs can be easily booked online.

What is to be done?

To be distributed in the district are a total of 2 pedelec bicycle boxes and one e-bike. Interested citizens can apply with a short video and tell us clearly why there should be a rental pedelec in their town!

Here's how to join in:

Just get creative, make a short application video for your location and tell us why we should place a bike box with a rental pedelec there.

Video at Wet Transfer upload and send the link to send.

Important: Please include the signed declaration on the use and publication of the data!

Photo pedelec: Madline Jost,