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Rail initiatives

Rail initiatives Lüchow-Dannenberg

In addition to bus transport, rail transport also plays an important role in public transport. The district has several railway lines in all directions. Of these, only the Wendlandbahn from Dannenberg to Lüneburg is still used daily in regional transport. Several initiatives are campaigning for the reactivation of the remaining rail connections.

Photo: Jeetze(l)talbahn e. V.

The Jeetze(l)talbahn e.V. Support Association has set itself the goal of reactivating the railway line from Dannenberg via Lüchow - Wustrow to Salzwedel and on to Oebisfelde in order to create a continuous connection from Lüneburg via Lüchow- Dannenberg and Altmark to Wolfsburg. The first goal is to reactivate the railway line between Dannenberg and Wustrow for leisure and freight traffic.

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Since 2020, the Förderverein "Ostheide-Elbe-Bahn" e.V. has been offering the "Wendland Draisin Tour". Here you can "ride" the beautiful countryside between Zernien and Pudripp on the rails of the old railway line from Uelzen to Dannenberg and even see the impressive viaduct over the

B 191 to cross. Bicycle trolleys are used, which are moved like a normal bicycle with pedals, but offer space for up to four people. Since the friction on the track is lower than on the road, the trolleys incidentally ride more easily than a normal bicycle, even if the whole family comes along! A trolley tour costs 30 euros per four-person trolley and must be booked in advance due to the Corona pandemic. Further information is available at www.wendlanddraisine.de or by calling the booking telephone number 0160-99543347.

Photo: Andreas Joswig