Stop "Gartow Rathaus" closed as of 13.10.2022

Due to a rehabilitation measure of Springstraße in Gartow, this road will be fully closed up to the Penny car park from 13.10.2022 to 25.11.2022. The construction work will be carried out in 3 construction phases during the above-mentioned period, but the road will be fully closed for public transport and thus the stop "Gartow Rathaus".

The regular stops "Gartow Altenheim" and "Gartow Kirche" serve as replacement stops.

The regular route to Gartow Kirche will be used as a diversion, where there will be a U-turn to get to the L256 in the direction of Gartow Schule and Gartow Wendlandtherme. Lines 8060 and 8070 are affected by the construction work.

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