For 49 € through Germany!

Germany ticket

The Germany Ticket

The 49€ ticket will be valid nationwide on public transport from 01.05.2023.

The D-Ticket is a monthly subscription in digital form.


You can buy the Deutschlandticket one day after completing the
Use subscriptions. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you must do so by 10 December.
month in order to prevent automatic renewal.

The ticket can be purchased by clicking the button in your
Find customer account, be cancelled yourself.

It is possible to change from the 365€ ticket to the D-ticket. A paper ticket and ticket purchase on the bus is not possible.

Customers can take out the subscription with the LSE on the website, as with the 365€ ticket. This is followed by an export to the FahrPlaner app so that customers receive the D-Ticket on their mobile phone the following month and can travel nationwide (from 01.05.2023).

Since the D-Ticket is only HandyTicket is offered, it is necessary to register and log in to the FahrPlaner app in order to have it displayed there. For this purpose, we provide an explanatory graphic on our website mobil-im-wendland.de, and the LSE will be happy to answer any further questions on the telephone number 05841 9773 35 available.

With the Deutschlandticket we move more!

The most important questions and answers at a glance:


With the Deutschlandticket you can be mobile by bus and train for 49 euros a month - nationwide!

The Deutschlandticket is valid on all public transport in Germany, including second class on regional trains. The Deutschlandticket is not valid on long-distance trains (IC, EC, ICE) or with providers such as FlixTrain.

You do not have to cancel your existing subscription! You can decide whether you want to stay with your existing subscription or switch to the Deutschlandticket.

If you have already taken out a subscription with us and would like to switch to the Deutschlandticket, please register on our website using the form provided. In addition, register in the Fahrplaner app (VBN) on your mobile phone. Furthermore, please send an email to lse@luechow-dannenberg.de to inform us.

What happens to the subscription card?

If you have converted your existing subscription to a Deutschlandticket, please return your old subscription card to the LSE or hand in the subscription card at the LSE office.

What is certain is that you will be able to purchase the Deutschlandticket as a digital, monthly cancellable offer for 49 euros by subscription. We will inform you as soon as this is possible. We will also announce possible purchase options on site - for example in our customer centres - in good time.

Persons over 6 years of age may not be carried free of charge. The local tariff regulations apply to the carriage of bicycles and dogs. Children under 6 years of age will travel free of charge in future.

The Deutschlandticket is not transferable to other persons.

With the Deutschlandticket, our local public transport becomes more easily accessible for everyone and even considerably cheaper for many. Existing season tickets do not have to be cancelled. You can decide in due course whether you want to stay with your existing subscription or switch to the Deutschlandticket. Special agreements, such as transport arrangements, are not transferred when you switch to the Deutschlandticket. Other persons, dogs or bicycles can be taken along for an appropriate surcharge (local tariff regulations).

The details on discounts for pupils, students or trainees as well as regulations for low-income earners are being clarified by the federal states and transport associations. We will inform you as soon as the results are available.

Children under 6 years of age will travel free of charge on public transport in future and will not need a Deutschlandticket.

Children over 6 years old must purchase a ticket.

The Deutschlandticket can be used one day after the subscription has been taken out. If you wish to cancel it, this must be done by the 10th of the respective month to prevent automatic renewal. You can cancel the ticket yourself by clicking on the button in your customer account.

The policy aims to offer the ticket on a permanent basis. The introduction period for the Deutschlandticket is set for two years. After that, a decision will be made on how to proceed.

+++ Hint: As soon as we have new information about the Deutschlandticket, we will update this page. +++