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From 1 October 2023: The new Wendland tariff is here!

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They are simple, practical and affordable - the new customer-friendly tariffs for public transport in Lüchow-Dannenberg, which the district administration and the district council have now jointly launched. They have been in force since 1 October.

One of the key elements of the new system is the division of the district into five fare zones. The ticket prices previously calculated according to kilometres travelled will thus be abolished. Under the new fare system, adult passengers can travel for a whole day in one of the zones with a ticket costing just 1.50 euros. If you want to use public transport in all five zones in Wendland for a whole day, you only pay 5 euros. Short-distance tickets and weekly, monthly and annual tickets are also available.

Mareike Harlfinger-Düpow, Head of the Climate Protection and Mobility Department at the district administration, says: "We have developed two clearly organised price groups for the fares. One for adults and a second that is reduced by 50 per cent. In the reduced price group, for example, a day ticket for a fare zone costs just 75 cents or a day trip through Wendland costs just 2 euros 50." The reduced fares apply, among others, to all those who have an honorary card and to all those who receive transfer benefits.

District policy and district administration strengthen public transport

"With the new, clear fares, we want to create a service that makes public transport in Lüchow-Dannenberg more attractive and encourages more people to use it," says District Administrator Dagmar Schulz. "It is important to district politicians and the district administration to further strengthen public transport in order to make life in the countryside even more liveable and to support climate protection."

The additional costs of around 40,000 euros estimated for the new fare system will be paid in the coming year via the "CleverMoWe" project. After that, the district will cover the costs. The new fare system was developed by transport planners from the "CleverMoWe" public transport model project in the Climate Protection and Mobility Department. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport.

Further details on the new ticket prices can be found here:

The project funds will also be used to finance a mobility app for Lüchow-Dannenberg, which will not only simplify the planning of public transport journeys, but will also make it possible to pay for tickets electronically and much more in the future. It is due to be released this autumn. CleverMoWe is also planning to launch an on-demand transport service. On-demand transport, i.e. individual journeys made to order for a small surcharge on the public transport fare, which can reach all locations in Lüchow-Dannenberg.

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