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Favourite bus driver 2023

Favourite Bus Driver 2023 Competition

In Germany, around 100,000 bus drivers are on the road every day. And they make sure that millions of people also get from A to B safely every day. It's a job full of commitment and responsibility, and as a passenger you can give them a big thank you this year.

To this end, the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV), the passenger association PRO BAHN e.V., DB Regio Bus and the Federal Association of German Bus Companies (bdo) have launched a joint competition. It lasts until 30 June 2023 and you can tell your best personal bus driver story on the website "".

How is it with you? Does your bus driver take care of everyone who doesn't speak German and has questions about the bus timetable? Does your bus driver greet you every morning with a smile because he knows that this is the only way to start a good day? Or do you know another great bus story? Then write it down and win!

A jury will select the most moving and beautiful stories from all the stories and choose the winners. As a thank you, the winners will receive an invitation to the award ceremony in Berlin, including travel to and from the event by train and hotel accommodation, as well as a quarter-year subscription to the Deutschland-Ticket.

Tell your bus story!

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