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Car-free by public transport from Lüchow to Hamburg with the Landesbus 7000!

Can you travel from Lüchow to Hamburg without a car? It is possible - with the Landesbus 7000 to Uelzen!

Time and again, friends & family look surprised when I tell them that we would like to travel directly from Lüchow to Hamburg at the weekend without a car at all, and only a few even know that this possibility exists.

We have already experienced twice that this works wonderfully and that the Saturday trip to the Hanseatic city can be enjoyed in a relaxed way without a car. This is made possible by the LSE line 7000, which runs between Lüchow and Uelzen and offers a transfer to the Metronom to Hamburg at the Hundertwasser railway station.

How did our trip go?

We started on Saturday in Lüchow, Hindenburgstraße stop at 10:00 a.m.. Thanks to residence in Lüchow, this could easily be reached on foot.

The bus arrived on time and checked our Lower Saxony ticket for twowhich we had previously purchased in the Mobility Agency pavilion for 29 euros. This allows you to travel by bus and train throughout Lower Saxony, Bremen and Hamburg from 0 a.m. to 3 a.m. on the following day. HVV & the ferry in Hamburg use!

Arriving at the bus station in Uelzen 2 minutes before the scheduled time, we boarded the Metronom train heading for Hamburg - with a total transfer time of 8 minutes, no problem.

At shortly after 12 o'clock, it was then time for us to "Good morning, sunny Hamburg" and "moin numerous activity possibilities"that we sometimes miss here in the Wendland.

After a successful day in the most beautiful city in the world with good food, a little shopping and lots of exercise in the fresh air, we decided to take the later train at just after 10 and thus the last bus from Uelzen towards Lüchow. It's actually still running at 11:02pm!!! So there was nothing to stop the final visit to a Hamburg corner pub! 😛

When we arrived in Uelzen, the 7000 was already waiting for us. Together with a few other passengers, we headed home, exhausted but happy and satisfied, which we reached shortly before noon.

Our conclusion? We never missed having our own car! We would do it again at any time and are happy and grateful for this great offer for the Wendland! Just give it a try 🙂 .

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