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European Mobility Week 2023

European Mobility Week 2023

The EUROPEAN MOBILITIESWOCHE is a campaign of the European Commission. Since 2002, it has offered municipalities across Europe the perfect opportunity to introduce their citizens to the full range of sustainable mobility on the ground. Every year, from 16 to 22 September, the EUROPEAN Mobility Week is an opportunity for local authorities to showcase sustainable mobility. MOBILITIESFor example, parking spaces and road space are converted, new footpaths and cycle paths are inaugurated, electric vehicles are tested, school competitions are launched and campaigns for more climate protection in transport are carried out. In this way, municipalities and their citizens show that sustainable mobility is possible, fun and can be lived in practice.

Our actions

Without your own car in the Wendland? How is that supposed to work? The young Gröger-Frahm family from Volzendorf is embarking on this adventure: With two small children, they will try to manage their everyday life without a car for a period of two weeks.

Family Adventure Mobility

The challenges the Gröger-Frahm family encounters in their mobility experiment and the creative solutions they may find to get from A to B in everyday life can be followed via the social media channels of "Mobil im Wendland": on Facebook and on Instagram

Colourful bicycle tour in Hitzacker

A short cycle tour leads through Hitzacker at the Sunday, 17 September from 11.30 a.m. The 20-minute round tour starts and ends at Kranplatz. The whole family is invited to join in, even with colourfully decorated or unusual bicycles. At the start, Tilmann Seifert, the cycling coordinator of the district, will provide information about cycling in Lüchow-Dannenberg.

Throughout the day, the district's own public transport system in the region can be used free of charge. (The commuting state bus line 7000 operated by RBB in the direction of Uelzen and the rail replacement service between Dannenberg and Lüneburg are thus not free of charge).

The Gröger-Frahm family from Volzendorf is taking part in the exciting experiment "Mobile in the Wendland without a car" for a fortnight.

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