Another warning strike on 12.12.2022

Press release:

LSE buses will be on strike again on Monday - it will probably not be possible to ensure nationwide emergency service


The trade union ver.di and the collective bargaining committee of LSE GmbH have called a warning strike for tomorrow, Monday, from 4 a.m. to midnight. The management of the LSE GmbH is currently working flat out with its partners to guarantee school transport for tomorrow Monday in any case, in order to prevent school cancellations during the current exam periods as far as possible. Parents are, however, urgently requested to plan alternative routes to school. 


The trade union ver.di and the collective bargaining commission of LSE GmbH are sticking to their maximum demand of concluding a pure recognition collective agreement to the TV-N and are now reacting in the middle of the pre-Christmas period on a Monday with another warning strike. The LSE GmbH, which learned of the warning strike planned for tomorrow morning by email on Sunday morning, has hardly any time to prepare for the planning of emergency timetables due to this action by the trade union ver.di and the collective bargaining commission of the LSE GmbH. The likelihood of considerable restrictions in bus services in the Lüchow-Dannenberg district in the course of tomorrow, Monday, is therefore high.


While LSE GmbH has mentioned different possibilities of reaching an agreement in recent weeks, the trade union ver.di continues to demand the conclusion of a collective agreement on recognition of the TV-N and has so far not shown any willingness to negotiate individual regulations for LSE GmbH in this context - LSE GmbH is too small for this and the conclusion of an in-house collective agreement that takes into account the special features of the district is therefore not appropriate from the point of view of the trade union ver.di. The conclusion of an in-house collective agreement has already been offered by LSE GmbH, but the trade union ver.di has so far expressly refused to negotiate it - incomprehensible for LSE GmbH.


LSE GmbH has repeatedly made it clear that it intends to maintain its offer of up to 30 % more hourly pay by paying the collectively agreed wages of the TV-N, one-off payments of 500 to 600 euros per employee and also an increase in holiday and Christmas bonuses, and to grant these conditions until at least summer 2028, the end of the current public service contract, without notice, by concluding a company agreement.


In this way, LSE GmbH offers all employees precisely the planning security for the future that is desired on all sides.

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