Despite warning strike - almost all lines could be served today

Press release:

Despite the short notice on Advent Sunday morning, only three bus trips were cancelled today (12.12.2022) due to the warning strike. The bus company LSE GmbH and the mobility service of the district had informed parents and schoolchildren about the planned warning strike and the accompanying possible restrictions in bus services on Sunday immediately after the strike call by ver.di became known.

"Especially in the southern district, parents organised car pools in close coordination with us, so that the cancellation of the three bus trips there did not result in children not being transported to school," reports LSE GmbH Managing Director Alexandra Reisener, "for which I would like to thank you once again.

This is the second warning strike within two weeks. The LSE GmbH had proposed different ways of reaching an agreement, but the trade union ver.di has so far not shown any willingness to negotiate individual regulations in a possible in-house collective agreement. Such an agreement, which takes into account the special features of the district, has already been offered by LSE GmbH, but the trade union ver.di has so far expressly not wanted to negotiate this either.

LSE GmbH has repeatedly made it clear that it will maintain its offer of up to 30 % more hourly wages by paying the collectively agreed wages of TV-N, one-off payments of 500 to 600 euros per employee and also an increase in holiday and Christmas bonuses.

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