Carsharing in the Wendland now with new service hotline and registration!

For the members of the car sharing association and all interested citizens, there is now an important innovation: the establishment of a service number for questions about billing and vehicle booking and use.

The number is: 06131/838 323 35 and is manned from Monday to Sunday from 7 am - 10 pm. It is also used to resolve current problems "on the spot", i.e. during vehicle booking. The new service number replaces the previously existing "emergency" mobile phone number of the association.

In the course of this innovation, there was also an IT change for the association. All registrations for car sharing are now processed via the registration platform at

There, new members or guest members can easily register step by step. After they have uploaded their driving licence and identity card documents and accepted the terms of use, the association receives information and activates the new user. Alternatively, citizens can come to the Mobility Agency Pavilion at the Lüchow bus station with their identity card and driving licence and have themselves validated there.

A membership in Carsharing-Verein costs 5.00 Euro per month (= 60.00 Euro annual membership fee) and entitles you to use all vehicles of the Carsharing-Verein. Each additional family or household member pays half the membership fee.

Further information is also available online at

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