Association DAN-Mobil

An association for all: DAN-Mobil

Our rural district of Lüchow-Dannenberg in particular presents us with a daily challenge in terms of personal mobility. Older people often have no choice but to use their own vehicle. Despite increasing insecurity about driving, having one's own car is the only way to keep appointments. The towns of Zernien, Bergen and Neu Darchau reacted to this problem some time ago by setting up a citizens' mobile. The existing associations provide their elderly fellow citizens or people in need with a driving service that accompanies them to the doctor or shopping free of charge.

The need for such a citizens' mobile exists in the district. Due to the time-consuming process of setting up such a transport service and founding an association, many places decide against this kind of provision for the elderly or needy population. This problem is now to be solved by founding a county-wide sponsoring association be counteracted.

Interest aroused?!

Are you interested in participating in the development of this service or can you imagine that a citizens' mobile would be popular in your town? Please feel free to contact the Mobility Agency Wendland.Elbe. We look forward to your call, e-mail or personal contact at the mobility pavilion at Lüchow bus station.

Photo: Kick-off event for the DAN-Mobil