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Mobility in the Wendland clever networking.

Rethinking mobility and public transport in Wendland and create forward-looking structures - together with and for the citizens of the Lüchow-Dannenberg district.

Here you will find all mobility initiatives, information on public transport and the LSE as well as the mobility agency!

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Mobility Agency & LSE

Mobility in the Wendland

The initiatives in the district introduce themselves.

"What is the Mobility Agency?

The Lüchow-Schmarsau Railway GmbH (LSE) was commissioned by the district of Lüchow-Dannenberg to provide school transport and public transport.

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With car sharing, you do not own the car yourself, but share it with others. The owner of the car is a car sharing association. Users conclude a user contract with the non-commercial car sharing association when they register.

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The Fahr mit! benches are aimed at all those who, on the one hand, are dependent on a lift for various reasons and, on the other hand, at all those who can offer such a lift.

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The ZernienMobil, the BergenMobil and the Neu Darchau Mobil act like a kind of neighbourhood help on 4 wheels. They organise appointments for senior citizens and people in need of help.

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